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Please follow the "Timeline" topic in "Announcement". Especially the historical characters! - Anne Boleyn
January 1533 - Henry & Anne Boleyn marry in a secret ceremony
March 1533 - Thomas Cranmer is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
May 1533 - Archbishop Thomas Cranmer declares the marriage of King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine of Aragon to be invalid
May 1533 - Thomas Cranmer validates King Henry VIII& Anne Boleyn's marriage
June 1533 - Coronation of Anne Boleyn
Summer 1533 - Sir Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex begins an investigation into the activities of Sir Thomas More
June 1533 - Parliament extinguishes Papal authority in England.
June 1533 - Mary Tudor, younger sister of Henry VIII, dies at Westhorpe, Suffolk.
July 1533 - It is reported that Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and George Boleyn, caught up with the French court. While they were there both Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey and Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond became violently sick, at the same time. Richmond was so ill, that for a while, it was feared he might die.
July 1533 - Pope Clement VII excommunicates King Henry VIII & his advisers (including Thomas Cranmer)
JSeptember 1533 - Anne Boleyn gives birth to Princess Elizabeth Tudor
November 1533 - Henry Fitzroy, Henry VIII's illegitimate son, marries Mary Howard (daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk) Anne Boleyn is said to have worked for this pairing.



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PostSubject: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 6:15 pm


May - Wolsey sets up secret court
To end the marriage between Henry and Catherine Wolsey set up a secret tribunal where Henry VIII had to answer charges of having a illegal marriage. The court was held in secret so Catherine did not know. The plan was to present the facts to the Pope who would annul the marriage. Problems occurred when Rome was attacked by Catherine's nephew Charles and the Pope was captured. Any chance of the Pope annulling the marriage was now gone.

Jun 22 - Henry VIII declares his marriage invalid
Henry VIII told Catherine of Aragon that their marriage was invalid because she had earlier been married to his brother Arthur. Anne Boleyn, who Henry had become besotted with, wanted Henry to divorce Catherine and to marry her.

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Anne Boleyn
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Anne Boleyn

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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 6:22 pm

Season 1, Episode 8

Hans Holbein makes the portrait of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio arrives the court and he talks with Wolsey.

Campeggio, Wolsey and King Henry talks about divorce.

Campeggio meets with Catherine of Aragon.

King Henry and Queen Catherine talks about their divorce.

Thomas Cromwell gives Tyndale's Bible to Anne Boleyn.

Charles Brandon tells Margaret, Henry wants her back at court.

Wolsey enters Campeggio’s rooms and is blocked by the cardinal’s son.

Party happens at court, because it’s a day that ends in “y” and all.

Archbishop Wareham and Bishop Tunstall talks with Katherine of Aragon.

Henry comes to Katherine of Aragon's bedchamber and he climbs her bed.

Anne Boleyn proudly informs the king that she has a new motto.

Henry takes Wolsey for a walk in the garden and asks him if he trusts Campeggio.

Cromwell enters the king’s audience chamber and Henry tells him to get his ass to Rome and tell the pope to get a move on already, or Henry will withdraw his allegiance to the Catholic Church.

Henry barks for Charles Brandon to come in. He’s being sent to Paris to ask Francis about Campeggio.

Thomas More goes to visit Katherine of Aragon.

Henry plays cards with Anne Boleyn.

Charles goes to France and he meets with King François and Queen Claude.

Wolsey grabs Campeggio by the ear and drags him back into his room.

Boleyn, Brandon, and Norfolk are having a little conspirators’ get together to discuss the Wolsey situation.

Trial at Blackfriars Church.

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Anne Boleyn

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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 12:10 pm

Here is a good site to follow and read the episodes ;

Season 1 Episode 8 (that we are playing now)
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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2012 10:40 pm

Season 1 episode 9

Trial at Blackfriars Church continues with witnesses about Katherine's marriage with Prince Arthur

Wolsey and Cromwell talk with Katherine in church

Charles and Margaret talk in their bedchamber

Henry and Anne walk proudly along Hall greeting Boleyn and Norfolk

Henry and Anne have lunch together

Wolsey sends Thomas More in Cambria, France, in order to prevent peace between Fancis and Emperor

Henry talks with Campeggio

Fisher's speech during Trial about King's marriage

Campeggio delays new audience at 1 October

Henry quarrels with Katherine

Henry quarrels with Anne

Wolsey and Campeggio go to talk with the King

Katherine talks with Ambassador Mendoza

Wolsey talks with Cromwell

Princess Margaret's death and her Funeral

Anne shows Tyndale's Bible to Henry and he reads it

Thomas More comes back from Cambria and informs Wolsey

Wolsey is accused of treason and arrested by Charles and Norfolk. He writes a letter to Cromwell

Henry talks with Thomas More in the garden and declares him Chancellor


Timeline Charles1Timeline Charles2
Timeline Charles3Timeline Charles4

Timeline Charles

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Anne Boleyn
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Anne Boleyn

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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 9:24 am

Here is the site to follow and read the episodes ;

Season 1 Episode 9 (that we are playing now)
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Anne Boleyn
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Anne Boleyn

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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2012 1:32 pm

Season 1 Episode 10

Henry masturbats, while leaning on a servant and fantasizing about Anne sewing.

Henry enters his council chamber to meet with the council. He rails about Wolsey’s doings, without actually naming him, and names Norfolk President of the Council, along with Brandon, who smirks a little at the announcement.

Brandon goes to leave, Norfolk falls into step beside him and asks if Wolsey’s continuing existence doesn’t bother him at all?

Wolsey barks to his mistress that there’s no money and no servants, which means no mended roof.

Thomas More takes over Wolsey’s old office at court, and Cromwell observes that he hasn’t done much decorating.Cromwell sits and carefully asks just how he intends to wield said power.

Henry reads the book Anne gave him aloud to the lady herself.

Henry strides into his presence chamber with his usual trumpet fanfare. Chapuys is there, and Henry greets him politely before starting to quiz him on his knowledge of the religious movements afoot.

Brandon’s back at his country place, with Knivert in tow, and they’re apparently just coming back from a hunt.

Thomas More meets with Mr. Fish, asking him why he recently returned from exile.

Anne Boleyn comes striding into one of the chambers at Whitehall where the courtiers gather, trailed by a couple of attendants and wearing an awesome dark purple dress.

Henry signs papers, with Cromwell hovering nearby, and finally gets to the last one. Cromwell takes the papers and turns to leave, but stops just long enough for Henry to ask him to spill.

Thomas More stands by as an executioner lights a torch and prepares to set fire to a pyre that Fish is being tied to.

Party at Whitehall.

- [strike]Chapuys apparentlies ditching the party to meet with Katherine.

- More watches the proceedings from the corner of the room, where he’s soon joined by Chapuys, who remarks that this looks an awful lot like a wedding feast.

Wolsey has a restless night, and he finally wakes his mistress, who asks what’s bugging him.

Henry visits Katherine in her chambers.

Henry meets with his council and tells them that he’s getting reports pretty much every day that say the people of England aren’t too happy.

Chapuys pays Katherine another visit and hands over a letter from Wolsey.

Henry takes a walk with More and telling him to set up a new parliament, since important things need to be done, like raising money.

Norfolk, Brandon, Anne, and George are gathers around a rather somber dinner table.

Henry meets with Cromwell and Boleyn in his study, and learns that the University of Paris, apparently the greatest prize of all, has sided with Henry in the divorce case, and while Italy’s still divided, universities in Florence, Padua, and Venice are on his side as well.

Cromwell leaves Henry and is almost immediately waylaid by Wyatt, who tells him there’s someone he needs to see, regarding Wolsey. - Wyatt takes Cromwell to meet with a nervous looking man dressed in black. The man’s named Augustini, and he’s a private physician to Cardinal Wolsey.

Anne removes a deck of cards from a box on a bureau and tells Henry he needs to act now, because clearly these priests and prelates think they can control Henry’s kingdom.

Wolsey is wrestled out of bed as Brandon strides in and tells him he’s under arrest.

Chapuys informs Katherine that he can’t, in good conscience, continue to serve the emperor at Henry’s court, considering all the vitriol being spewed towards the church these days.

At court, an actor dressed as a cardinal is felt up by two actresses playing scantily clad concubines, who lead him over to the banquet table and start showering him with jewels.

Bishop Fisher meets (presumably secretly) with More to tell him he’s heard that, on Henry’s orders, several clergymen have been arrested.

Henry and Anne go out hunting, alone, and find themselves in an impossibly romantic wood. Henry turns his horse to look at her, and she looks back with her head cocked a little curiously.

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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2012 1:33 pm

Here is the site to follow and read the episodes ;

Season 1 Episode 10
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Anne Boleyn
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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 31, 2013 2:46 pm

Season 2 Episode 1

(Season two starts in 1532)

Henry and Anne are kneel at the altar, receiving communion.
- Alone in their private chapels, Katherine and More pray.

More heads to court, where everyone bows as he sweeps through the corridors, finally reaching a larger chamber where the courtiers are cooling their heels. Chapuysand More greets him warmly, saying he was under the impression Chapuys had turned his back on England.

Henry’s in his study with Cromwell when More comes in, just as Cromwell’s leaving.Henry says that the people are asking for freedom from the church’s abuses. More answers carefully that he agrees that abuses must be stopped, but he’ll always stand against major religious reform along the Protestant lines.

Parliament, which seems to be comprised of quite a lot of bishops and cardinals, so maybe this is the House of Lords, is being addressed by Henry, who takes his seat on a throne at the head of the room.
- Henry calls for Archbishop Warham, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to answer the charge, and Warham rises and cedes the floor to Bishop Fisher.
- Warham is once again asked to answer the charge, as Fisher retakes his seat, and Warham suggests the following: Henry takes the title of Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy of England, but with the caveat that the title only extends “as far as the law of Christ allows.”

Down in Rome, Peter O’Toole’s playing Pope, and arriving home at the Vatican. He greets our old friend Campeggio and takes a seat at a desk. Campeggio tells him they’ve received two letters relating to Henry’s divorce.

Anne in question’s tucked up in her room, reading a book on a windowseat, where Henry finds her.
- Boleyn comes in another door, just as Henry goes, and immediately rains on Anne’s parade by telling her the bishops weren’t really defeated.

Cromwell enjoys dinner with a few friends when a guest is shown in. It’s Cranmer, who’ll become quite an important figure in the reformation and the Church of England.
- Cromwell invites him to take a seat at the table and introduces his dining companions: Wyatt, and George Boleyn. Cromwell informs Cranmer that George has been asked by Henry to negotiate with the convocation of bishops.

A servant in livery leads a nervous and plainly dressed man down a leaf-strewn corridor, opens a door, ushers him in, and leaves. The poor guy is gripping his hat like a life preserver, clearly scared out of his mind.

Cromwell leads Cranmer into Henry’s small throne room, where he introduces Cranmer to the king. Cromwell informs Henry (and us) that Cranmer was the man who first suggested that Henry’s case was a theological issue that could be solved by canvassing European universities rather than a legal one that would benefit from being tried in a courtroom.

Henry heads out to the gardens for a walk with Charles, whom, we learn, has married his child bride, Katherine.

Early in the morning, Anne is in Wyatt's bed, naked, with Thomas Wyatt. Anne cracks an eye and moans for the sun to go away, and Wyatt turns over to reveal. He gets all poetic with her, and they start to make love again… And then Wyatt wakes up.

Anne's not wearing purple, but she's clearly moved into the queenly role. She’s now sitting on a little throne of her own, with two ladies in waiting stationed behind her, receiving obeisance from courtiers, including Wyatt, who kisses her hand and congratulates her on reaching so high.

A servant boy carries the bowl of stew into a paneled dining room, where More’s meeting with Fisher and other clergymen who aren’t too keen on Henry being named head of the church.

More gives Henry a damage report, saying that four men died, but Fisher made it only because he had so little of the soup (More himself had none of it).

Roose has been sent to the Tower, where Boleyn visits him while he’s being questioned by Cromwell.

Anne, dressed in peacock blue, is moving through the corridors at court when she comes across a servant carrying some fabric. She tells him to stop and examines it, then asks where he’s taking the linen.

[strike]Henry’s sitting by the fire, contemplatively fingering a jeweled cross and looking tired and conflicted when Anne bursts in. She asks what the deal is with the shirts, and he says he hadn’t actually thought about it.

Fisher’s in bed, recovering at his palace and learning from More that the king’s agreed to a new and harsher treatment of poisoners—boiling alive.

Henry bursts into Katherine’s apartments, and she immediately asks him how he’s feeling—she heard he had a toothache, and gout. He snaps that of course he doesn’t have gout, she should stop listening to such stupid rumors.

Poor Roose is getting ready to be boiled in a giant cauldron in front of Cromwell and Boleyn.

Brandon’s smiling happily and dancing with his bride and Anne’s partnered with Smeaton while Henry watches moodily.
- Brandon asks Katherine, on behalf of the king, to withdraw her appeal to Rome and give up fighting the divorce.
- Brandon has to tell Henry that the whole thing didn’t fly. Henry predictably gets pissed and stalks into an adjoining chamber, where he finds Chapuys washing his hands.

Brandon’s in bed, appreciatively watching his wife get undressed and put on a nightgown, She joins him and asks how Katherine is.

Alone, Henry paces in his study for a while, until he’s joined by Anne. He asks how she feels about going hunting tomorrow.

At Maison More, a storm’s battering the windows, and More’s waking himself from a nightmare with a shout.

Henry and Anne mount up with a few guards and a couple of carts of luggage for their hunting party.

Cromwell arrives at Katherine’s rooms, where he finds her saying a rosary by the fire.

As angry as she is, Katherine’s also obedient, and she eventually emerges from the palace to hit the road.

Anne giggling as she dines with Henry. A servant knocks on the door and Henry calls him in. The servant has been sent to pass along a farewell message from Katherine.

Henry sends the man out and returns to the table, where Anne can barely bring herself to look at him. He apologizes.

Deep in a torchlit underground lair that looks like a crypt, two men are meeting. One of them says that “she” is a witch, and his companion asks if he’ll assassinate Anne.


Here is the site to follow and read the episodes ;

Season 2 Episode 1 (that we are playing now)
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PostSubject: Re: Timeline   Timeline I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 10:28 pm

Season 2 Episode 2

In parliament, Fisher is urging his fellow clergymen not to give in and answer to any earthly power, because their power has been ordained by God. He adds that the clergy should be free from the threat of assassination as they uphold the sanctity of the church.

Whitehall Palace is all decked out for Christmas, with swags over the doorways and holly spread out over the tables inside. Mark Smeaton wanders around with a lute and, when he runs into Wyatt, he asks why everyone seems so glum.

In the throne room, Anne and Henry are seated side-by-side on the dais as servants bring in their Christmas presents and a musician plays “Greensleeves” in the background. Servants come in with  gifts for Henry.

Once the gift giving’s over, Henry emerges into the larger antechamber, where he seeks out and warmly greets Charles with an embrace, asking him if he’d like to have a game of tennis soon. Charles agrees and falls into step beside Henry, asking to speak to him plainly.

Cromwell and Cranmer are sitting down to have a nice quiet drink together.

Henry and Anne take the air in the frozen gardens, and Henry breaks the news that Brandon’s spreading the gossip about Anne and Wyatt, which isn’t really true, from what we’ve seen.

Meanwhile, in Anne’s rooms, one of her ladies is cleaning up, unaware that a cloaked and hooded figure is lurking nearby, as cloaked and hooded figures tend to do. She leaves, and the figure enters, placing something on the desk before leaving himself.

Anne returns from her walk in a good mood and tells her lady-in-waiting to draw her a bath, since the walk’s made her cold. But her merry mood is quashed right quick when she sees what’s been left on her desk.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is cooling his heels in church, listening to the boys’ choir, when Cromwell approaches and politely asks for a word. Cromwell seats himself beside the Archbishop and informs him that Henry intends to put a bill before Parliament when it reconvenes.

Cromwell’s at work in his office later when Brandon’s shown in. Cromwell calmly informs him that Henry has ordered Charles banished from court for displeasing him.

At Parliament, Henry presents a copy of the oath of loyalty to the pope the clergy all signed, which stands in contrast to the oath they swore to Henry. Henry takes a walk around the ring of clergy standing in front of the dais, saying that he thought the clergy were the king’s subjects, but he sees now they’re only half subjects, if even that.

At Maison More, Sir George Throckmorton is being shown in to see Thomas, who greets him happily as “a good Catholic man who’s never been afraid to speak his conscience.”

Henry, Anne, and the rest of the court are attending mass, where the priest is calling blessings on Henry and all his people.

The priest is dragged into a side aisle of the church, where he’s met by a livid Cromwell, who tells him he’ll be sewn into a sack and thrown into the Thames.

Henry heads back to Parliament, he takes his seat and asks the clergymen if they’ve come to a decision vis-a-vis whom they serve, pope or king?
- Also up in the balcony, Fisher sits beside More, and mournfully says he never thought he’d see the day.

Back at the palace, Henry is sitting in his throne room, deep in thought, when More is shown in. More kneels and offers his resignation so he can live a more private life. He offers up the great seal of his office, and Henry nods for Cromwell to take it.

Wyatt, the sometime diplomat, has been sent to a house in the middle of nowhere called The More to deliver a message to Katherine.

As Anne chats with friends and courtiers dance, Henry asks the French ambassador if the arrangements for his trip to France are all in order.
- Off in a corner, Cromwell’s chatting with Boleyn, and tells him that, while abroad, Cranmer learned that protestant clergy are allowed to get married, a nice new rule he apparently took full advantage of.
- Henry tells Anne that there’s one last thing they need to do before they can sail for France.

Anne’s being led into the throne room, followed by two ladies carrying a red velvet cloak trimmed in ermine. She kneels before an enthroned Henry, who’s surrounded by other peers of the realm. Cromwell reads a proclamation that confers upon her the title of Marchioness of Pembroke, as well as lands worth £100,000 a year, which was an IMMENSE fortune in those days.

Archbishop has shuffled off the mortal coil. He’s lying in state, being prayed over by Fisher and More.

Wyatt’s hanging out in the picturesque woods near The More, where he meets up with Lady Elizabeth, who’s come to give him his poem back.

More’s taking a stroll with his daughter, Margaret. He gently tells her that someday, he might be made to account for his beliefs.

At court, Anne’s delightedly showing off some new dresses to Henry, telling him they’re all in the French fashion.

Chapuys lurks in the crypts and is finally approached by the hooded and cloaked assassin, whose identity is still a mystery.

A group of horsemen, the lead one carrying the French royal standard, gallop up to a castle on the coast in English-occupied France.
- Henry’s amused, and now that he’s sufficiently buttered up, Francis moves on to other matters—he wants to have a joint crusade with Henry.
- Boleyn saunters up to Brandon, who’s seated with his wife, and says how glad he is that Charles is back in Henry’s good graces.
- Mary Boleyn at the banquet too, dressed in white, oddly, with an emerald headband. Mark Smeaton joins her and says she must be happy to be back in France.
- “Exotic” music involving pipes and cymbals starts to play as six lovely masked ladies (one is clearly Anne) enter, wearing drapey Grecian robes.
- Francis takes Anne’s hand and takes her for a walk around the room for some reason, so they can have a chat, in French, without Henry around.
- Anne joins her sister and asks if she could have ever imagined all this.

Rain lashes the windows of the castle and there’s thunder and lightening and everything as Anne sits at a writing desk, composing some letters.


Here is the site to follow and read the episodes ;

Season 2 Episode 2 (that we are playing now)
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