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Please follow the "Timeline" topic in "Announcement". Especially the historical characters! - Anne Boleyn
January 1533 - Henry & Anne Boleyn marry in a secret ceremony
March 1533 - Thomas Cranmer is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
May 1533 - Archbishop Thomas Cranmer declares the marriage of King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine of Aragon to be invalid
May 1533 - Thomas Cranmer validates King Henry VIII& Anne Boleyn's marriage
June 1533 - Coronation of Anne Boleyn
Summer 1533 - Sir Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex begins an investigation into the activities of Sir Thomas More
June 1533 - Parliament extinguishes Papal authority in England.
June 1533 - Mary Tudor, younger sister of Henry VIII, dies at Westhorpe, Suffolk.
July 1533 - It is reported that Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and George Boleyn, caught up with the French court. While they were there both Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey and Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond became violently sick, at the same time. Richmond was so ill, that for a while, it was feared he might die.
July 1533 - Pope Clement VII excommunicates King Henry VIII & his advisers (including Thomas Cranmer)
JSeptember 1533 - Anne Boleyn gives birth to Princess Elizabeth Tudor
November 1533 - Henry Fitzroy, Henry VIII's illegitimate son, marries Mary Howard (daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk) Anne Boleyn is said to have worked for this pairing.


 Isabella de Navarra & Isabella of Austria

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Isabella de Navarra
Princess of Navarra
Isabella de Navarra

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PostSubject: Isabella de Navarra & Isabella of Austria   Isabella de Navarra & Isabella of Austria I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2019 9:16 am

The turquoise sky did nothing to ease her mind as she gazed out of one of her bedroom windows after brushing her long dark locks of hair, her dark brown eyes scanned the area outside of her window looking at the people who were going about their daily routines in the streets.

Navarre was a beautiful place in Spain, however, that didn't prevent the young princess from missing being outside at times, she yearned for the hot sun to warm her back, and to feel a set of arms around her that would make her feel warm and comfortable, however, she wouldn't dare admit that to anyone not even to her friends. Not even to Isabella of Austria whom was expected to come to the palace.

Isabella wore a maroon long-sleeved dress that covered her shoes and olive skin, her hair rested on her back, and was slightly wavy. As she sat down on her bed she wondered what the day would bring.

The princess was very exquisite looking, and already her parents had brought a lot of suitors to the palace to see if they could win her hand in marriage, but to no avail had they succeeded in doing so since she had turned them all down. In her opinion they were arrogant beasts who wanted nothing more than to have her give them children only to toss her aside afterwards. She didn't want that sort of marriage, she wouldn't be any man's puppet and she wouldn't be tossed aside.

She heaved a small sigh as she continued to gaze out of the window with many questions circulating in her mind. As she stayed in her room, she wondered what was bringing the Princess of Austria to her home in Navarre.
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Isabella of Austria
Princess of Spain
Isabella of Austria

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PostSubject: Re: Isabella de Navarra & Isabella of Austria   Isabella de Navarra & Isabella of Austria I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2019 12:31 pm

I was travelling to see Isabella of Navarre and it had been a while since I had last departed Castile.

I arrived with a small retinue in a beautiful carriage and it pulled up outside the palace. I slowly stepped out onto the cobbled ground and I inform one of the palace guards to let Isabella know I had arrived.

I wore a beautiful light blue colour with traditional jewels from Castile. I was hoping i would be welcomed into Navarre despite me being a princess of a rival kingdom.

I waited for my servants to collect my bags and I waited.
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Isabella de Navarra & Isabella of Austria
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